Umpires Quiz

You Be the Umpire

Are you one of those people who sits on the sidelines screaming at the umpire whenever they make a bad decision. Well here's an opprtunity to see how well you would go!

1. How much stoppage time is permitted in the event of injury or illness?

2. When one team makes chages in the event of injury or illness is the other team also permitted to do so?

3. When players make team changes or subsitutions without notifying the opposing Team Offical what penalty is to be given?

4. A centre pass is caught in the goal third without being touched in the centre third. What is the penalty and where is it given?

5. Two players go offside at the same time but niether makes contact with the ball. What action is taken?

6. If, in the goal circle, the Goal Defence or Goal Keeper feels for the uniform of an opponent to keep near her. What penalty is given?

7. If a subsitute is used may the original player take the court again?
8. May a player standing out of court defend a player on court?

9. When a ball is thrown from behind the goal line and caught by a team mate who land on both feet astride the transverse line. Is play allowed to continue?

10. Once a defending player has taken the legal distance of three feet, may they remain where they are if the player with the ball lessens the distance by stepping forward?

11. Is a player permitted to place a ball in an offside area in order to gain possesion, providing no part of her body toches the ground in that area?

12. May a player who has received the ball with the left foot on the ground, step with the right foot any number of times, then lift and reground the left foot before throwing?

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